One more day.

It is 26 December 2004. Just after the day of Christmas. I woke up to the sound of T.V in Hall. Every one of my family is watching news channel and talking about something I don’t understand, and in T.V they are showing video clips that I never watched before.

I was about 6 then. I don’t really know what is Tsunami or what is Earthquake. I used to watch Power Rangers and thought that the tsunami is due to the blue power ranger.

This time it is 2011 maybe 2012. I don’t really remember but I’m in my 9th standard studying in a Boarding. Have you ever studied in Boarding? If the answer is Yes, then probably you will sync in this. Trust me there will be many rumours transmitting in boarding. While one evening I heard that there is going to be an Earthquake that night(I don’t know who said that). Authorities alerted, as a result, I sat on ground frightening instead in study hours. There is a huge pillar near to me and I’m making plans how to escape from falling off of that pillar(Earth quake never happened that day).

When the time came to choose my college. I hastily chose the college in Zone 5. According to Wikipedia, Zone 5 covers the areas with the highest risks zone that suffers earthquakes of intensity MSK IX or greater.


From then, Earthquake became a friend of mine. I know it happens here and there every time. But only after coming here I started experiencing many of them. Thereafter I took those vibrations easy. It is yesterday my friend again came to meet me. Richter Scale reads it as 5.2. Although it is very tiny it lasted for some 4 to 5 seconds. Many of them don’t even know it occurred.

Screenshot (6)

While I ran deliberately to the ground than anyone else. Then I realised the change within me. I ‘m not really concerned about my life and I’m not having any issues of being dead. We all will die today or tomorrow. But now I’m frightened not because of my life but because of my DREAMS. Although we cannot stop anything from being done. All we can do is sit and pray to God to give one more day.


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