I’m so sorry!

It happened a few days back, When I was travelling from Kolkata to Silchar for registering my new semester. It was almost 5 AM when I was waiting for my board. I was sleepy as didn’t sleep for the whole night. I have been checking the display repeatedly to make sure of my flight. Then, I came across a couple who sat just below the display.

After an hour I was waiting for my baggage near baggage carousel in Silchar. Infront of me the other side of the belt stands the same couple whom I saw before. She probably wore a golden brown lipstick with matching hair colour and of makeup. I don’t know why but she looked very indecent to me. In my mind, I was thinking why people show so much interest in their looks, and how are they going to help our country with it.

Thereafter I picked my luggage and was moving towards the cab. I saw a man wearing a navy blue colour uniform with a cap came crossing me and took luggage of the couple whom I have been watching from the morning. After few steps came an another woman wearing a mud green colour uniform covering from neck to foot with a flap on the shoulder written as IAF.

post 2

She saluted the woman in the couple and shook hands. Eventually, they get into a black colour military Scorpio which is guarded by another vehicle and went off. While I was standing there in a shock not accepting what had just happened.

So guys, what should we learn from this incident?
It is an eye opening situation to us. After this incident, I learned that there is nothing to do with looks and all It is up to them how they look and we shouldn’t judge people based on it, not only in negative but also in a positive way.


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